NOT a Network

1) MVM is not an ad network. Most often, we buy indirectly as a third party through other ad networks. With this in mind, we are not exclusive to any single publishers, meaning sometimes we will buy inventory from a single site or category but through multiple networks, and then determine which is giving us the best traffic at the lowest price for that particular inventory. We can calculate this by monitoring conversion rates in relation to price points, and thus determine the best route through which to buy inventory from a specific site or category . This allows us to buy premium traffic at wholesale prices.

2) Another reason we can sell inventory to agencies and networks for less than a typical ad network might be able to sell for is because we do not have campaigns that end and because we are not paying out a percentage to sites, as a network would be. In other words, we buy continuously, year round, at various flat rates and frequency caps from sites and networks; and so as long as we cover our bottom line, we can keep the cost relatively low. Our inventory levels do not depend on prices from advertisers. We are getting the inventory regardless, so our advertising partners can take advantage of these low prices whenever theyíd like.

3) We will work for you to seek out the inventory you need at the price you want to pay. If you buy from a particular site, network, or category and would like to continue buying that inventory but at a cheaper rate, we have the team to find it for you. Let us fill in the gaps that a typical ad network would not.

4) With that in mind, we act less like a network, and more like an agency when it comes to account management and customer service. We are available for in person meetings and engagements, for phone calls, and 24/7 customer service. Put a face to your ad partner, rather than buying blind. Yes, it is a rarity in this industry, but it makes all of us feel better about who we do business with.