Advertisers, Agencies, and Networks
As an inventory wholesaler, MVM buys traffic on a continual basis from a number of different sources, including direct sites, ad networks, and site networks. Since we buy year round and take as much traffic as these publishers can provide, we have the ability to buy the same inventory, which you might buy elsewhere, for a fraction of the cost. In other words, if you’re buying inventory now from a site or a network, chances are we can get you that same inventory at a cheaper price. And still, we have the ability to qualify and target the traffic, including features such as frequency caps, geo-targets, impressions caps, and category filtering.

Maintaining dynamic relationships with several online ad networks and agencies, MVM prides itself on elite customer service and account management. We are always easily accessible, and your account rep will never be too busy to take a call. Through careful monitoring and personal client services, MVM aims to gives its advertisers, agencies, and networks a lot of bang for their buck, striving to place and focus web advertising on sites that prove above average click-through rates and result in greater conversions and brand awareness for each particular client's business…and all at the lowest possible price points.

If you are an advertiser, ad agency, or network and would like to find out how you could buy more of the same inventory at lower costs, please contact our ad relations department at