Publishers, Ad Networks, Site Networks
MVM currently represents inventory from thousands of web sites and networks, with online traffic ranging from 100,000 to 20 million daily U.S. impressions from each entity. As a wholesaler, MVM aims to buy both remnant and premium inventory on an ongoing basis with no campaign ends or beginnings. We have advertising to fill as much inventory as you can provide. We offer both rev share and flat rate CPM buys, depending on the preference of the publisher or network. Ads come from a variety of channels, including individual advertising clientele, online ad networks, and ad agencies. All banners placed onto our publishers' sites are high-end graphic banners (no cheap text or inappropriate ads). MVM's expertise in marketing and advertising allows us to carefully choose and monitor which advertisers and networks will best suit each publisher's needs, generating the highest possible level of ad revenue for each particular site, and to optimize client revenue by monitoring and adjusting a number of factors, such as geo-targeting, frequency caps, fill rates, ad sizes and placements, user sequencing, and more.

If you are a web publisher or ad network with a minimum of 1,000,000 daily U.S. impressions, and you would like to find out how MVM can help monetize your traffic, please contact us at